PJSC Kazanorgsintez

Is one of the largest chemical companies of the Russian Federation. Kazanorgsintez produces more than 38% of the total Russian output of polyethylene and it is one of its major exporters.

Kazanorgsintez possesses the leading position in production of gas polyethylene pipelines, phenol, acetone, antifreeze, chemicals for oil extraction and natural gas dehydration.

Kazanorgsintez has a production capacity of over 1 million tons of chemical products per year. All products are certified in Gosstandard system of Russian Federation.

High quality of products makes it possible to execute export sales about 25% from the total output volume.

Products catalog PJSC Kazanorgsintez

Ацетон технический

Is used for synthesis of acetic anhyaride, aceton, cyanohydrine, diphenil propane and other organic products, as well as a solvent in different branches of industry.

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Бутилцеллозольв технический (монобутиловый эфир этиленгликоля)

Produced by n-butanol oxyethylation. Is used for butyl carbitol; as a solvent for resins, lacquers and paints; for metal separation, as a hydraulic liquid and for organic synthesis.

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Диэтаноламин (ДЭА)

Is produced by means of rectification of industrial triethanolamine (TEA). Used for organic synthesis (for adsorption of sour gases and sulphuric substances from industrial gases, for production of plastisizers, surfactants, dispersants, dies, cosmetics, corrosion inhibitors and pharmaceuticals synthesis). Diethanolamine of B grade is also applied at rubber production and as auxiliary material for cement production.

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Диэтаноламин (ДЭА) чистый

Is produced by means of rectification of industrial triethanolamine (TEA) Used in organic synthesis (for adsorption of sour gases and sulphuric substances), as reagent for analytic chemistry, for production of emulsifiers, cleaning agents and cosmetics.

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Диэтиленгликоль (ДЭГ)

Is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used as an extraction agent for aromatic hydrocarbons, for drying of natural gas and in other industries.

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Этиленгликоль (МЭГ)

Is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used for production of synthetic fibers, solvents, antifreezes and hydraulic fluids.

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Моноэтаноламин (МЭА)

Receive the interaction of ammonia of water solution of ammonia and ethylene oxide. Used in oil and gas industry for adsorption of sour gases and sulphuric substances. First and extra grade monoethanolamine (MEA) is used for pharmaceutical, fabric and coating industries as well as for plastics production.

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Триэтаноламин (ТЭА)

A and B grades are produced by ammonia ethoxylation, "Light" grade - by ethoxylation of pure monoethanolamine (MEA), and OD grade - by diethanolamine (DEA) ethoxylation. Is a component of softening agents for synthetic rubbers and also used for cooling liquids, perfumes and cosmetics. Salts of thriethanolamine (TEA) and higher fatty acids are used as cleaning agents, emulsifiers, wetting agents and oil agents. Is also applied as adsorbent for sour gases, corrosion inhibitor, auxiliary material...

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Триэтиленгликоль (ТЭГ)

Is a by-product of ethylene glycol (MEG) and diethylene glycol (DEG) production. Grade A is used as feedstock in production of oligoester acrylates, polyesteracrylates, plasticizers and other products of organic synthesis. Grade B is used for dehumidification of gas and air in the production of antifreezes and oligoester acrylates.

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