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Acetone, commercial

Produced by cumene method. Used for synthesis of acetic anhyaride, aceton, cyanohydrine, diphenil propane and other organic products, as well as a solvent in different branches of industry.

Characteristics of commercial acetone

Design specification: GOST 2768-84, rev. 1–2

Premium gradeFirst gradeSecond grade
AppearanceClear colourless liquid
Acetone, % wt., min.99.7599.599.0
Density, ρ 204, g/cm3, within0.789–0.7910.789–0.7910.789–0.792
Water, % wt., max.
Methanol, % wt., max.0.050.05Not applicable
Acids in terms of acetic acid, % wt., max.0.0010.0020.003
Oxidation resistance under potassium permanganate, h, min.420.75

Packing, shipping, storage: Commercial acetone is filled into special purpose rail tanks with upper drain valve or multipurpose drain device. Transportation commercial acetone in railway tanks in accordance with transport regulations applicable for this mode of transport. Commercial acetone should be stored in steel, aluminium or galvanized tanks as per storage regulations for fire hazardous substances. Warranty shelf life at storage in steel, aluminium or galvanized vessels or drums - three months, in glass tare - 1 year from production date.

Manufacturer: Kazanorgsintez

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