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Bottom liquid of ethylene glycole purification stripper (BLEGPS)

Is used for production of ethyleneglycole and diethyleneglycole. Can be used for production of resins, solvents, low-freezing and hydraulic liquids, in organic synthesis and other industries.

Characteristics of bottom liquid of ethylene glycole purification stripper

Design specification: TU 2422-222-00203335-2015

Ethylene glycole, % wt., min.45
Diethylene glycole, % wt., max.35
Dipotassium ethoxide (dipotassium ethylene glycole), % wt., within10–20
Non-identified high-boiling components, % wt.Not rated

Packing, shipping, storage:BLEGPS are filled into polymer vessels representing cubic vessels of 1000, 1200, 1250 dm3 rated capacity and into the metal frame. These vessels are put onto pallet as per technical documentation approved under appropriate procedure. Packing in a similar tare of another tare resistant to the product and assuring product's quality and preservation is also acceptable. Transportation by trucks as well as road tanks as per applicable rules of transportation. Storage in sealed containers in sheltered well-ventilated warehouses at the distance of 2 m minimum from heating appliances. Storage in sealed  containers in sheltered open areas is also appropriate upon prevention of direct sunlight exposure. Warranty shelf life - 1 year from production date.


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