Synthetic petroleum resin "Sibplast"

Is a product of thermal copolymerization of C9 fraction 120–210 °C pyrolysis of hydrocarbons at a temperature of 240–250 °C and pressures up to 1.0 MPa. Is used in paint, tire, rubber, adhesive industry and other sectors of the economy. Is the closest analog resin "Piroplast-2".

Design specification: TU 2451-089-05766801-99

Softening point, °C80–130
Iodine value, g iodine /100 g20–70
Color 50% resin solution in white spirit iodine scale mg J2/100 cm3, max.400
Water mass content, %, max.0.2
Ash mass content, %, max.0.4
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max.1.0
Mechanical impurities content, %, max.0.3

Supply form: Flakes of irregular shape with color ranging from light-yellow to dark-brown.

Packaging: Synthetic petroleum resin "Sibplast" is shipped in wooden flood and dry tare barrels per GOST 8777-80 with a capacity of 100–200 dm3, steel drums type II, 6 performance by GOST 5044-79 with a capacity of 100–180 dm3, lock seam cardboard drums for type III GOST 17065-77 with a capacity of 100–120 dm3, the bags under GOST 2226-88 with a gross mass of 50 kg and big bags.

Transportation: Synthetic petroleum resin "Sibplast" is transported by rail and road transport in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation operating in this mode of transport.

Storage: Synthetic petroleum resin "Sibplast" is stored in covered storage areas under the canopy or tarp protecting it from direct sunlight and precipitation, away from sources of ignition.