Synthetic petroleum resin

Design specification: TU 2451-089-05766801-99

Synthetic petroleum resin is a product of thermal copolymerization of C9 fraction liquid pyrolysis products. Grade A is used for production of varnish, construction paints and as a film-forming agent. Grade B is used as a component in adhesive compositions for footwear industry and as a film-forming agent in production of varnishes and paints.

Grade AGrade B
Softening point, °C, min.958585
Iodine scale color, mg J2/cm3, max.25100500
Volatiles mass content, %, max.0.51.0
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max.1.0
Solubility in double volume of xylene and white spirit 1:1TotalTotal
Compatibility with vegetable oilTotalTotal

Supply form: Flakes of irregular shape with color ranging from light-yellow to dark-brown.

Packaging: Synthetic petroleum resin is shipped in paper and polypropylene bags. Packed synthetic petroleum resin weight for paper bags is 25±1 kg, for polypropylene bags 30±1 kg.

Transportation: Synthetic petroleum resin is transported by all means of covered transport.

Storage: Storage in packaging in sheltered warehouses at temperature ranging from -40 °C to +40 °C. Storage at planned site away from direct sunrays and atmospheric precipitation, or under shed is allowed. Storage together with flammable or spontaneously igniting materials is not allowed.