Artificial varnish (thermopolymer)

Is a solution of petroleum resin, produced by thermal polymerization of C9 fraction (liquid products of naphtha pyrolysis) in white-spirit or heavy petrol. It is used as a film-forming component in paints and enamels production, as well as treatment of wooden, plastered and concrete surfaces prior to painting.

Design specification: TU 2318-094-05766801-2000

Grade AGrade B
Iodine scale color, mg J2/100 cm3, max.400
Non-volatiles mass content, %56±356±3
Compatibility with oxidized vegetable oilTransparent solution, slight opalescence allowed
Drying time until grade 3, h, max.2024
Film appearanceTransparent, without foreign impurities and cloudiness.
Hardness as per pendulous apparatus TML at 20±2 °С, min.0.30.3
Relative viscosity as per flowmeter B3-236 or B3-4 with nozzle diameter of 4mm at 20.0±0.5 °С, s19401940

Supply form: Fire-risk and explosive liquid.

Packaging: Artificial varnish (thermopolymer) is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks, as well as steel barrels and drums.

Transportation: Artificial varnish (thermopolymer) is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks. Transportation in open motor vehicles is allowed providing there is atmospheric impact defense.

Storage: Packaged storage in sheltered warehouses at ambient temperature ranging from -40 °C to +40 °C, on special sites away from direct sunrays and atmospheric precipitation, or under shed. Storage in reservoirs is allowed.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer stopped the production of this type of product!

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