White spirit (nefras C4-155/200)

Gasoline mixed solvent contains no more than 50% of each group of hydrocarbons, gasoline direct distillation of low-sulfur crude oils. Used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, rubber industry.

Design specification: GOST 3134-78

Density at 20 °С, g/cm3, max.0.790
Fractional composition: 
onset temperature distillation, °С, max.160
10% distilled at temperature, °C, max.170
90% distilled at temperature, °С, max.195
200 °C distilled,%, min.98
residue in the flask after distillation, %, max.2.0
Flash point in closed cup, °С, min.33
Volatility of xylene3.0–4.5
Aniline point, °С, max.65.0
Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, %, max.16
Mass fraction sulphur, %, max.0.025
Copper plate testingPassed
Water soluble acids and alkalisAbsence
Maintenance of mechanical impurities and waterAbsence
ColorNot darker than the standard

Supply form: Light transparent liquid.

Packaging: White spirit (nefras C4-155/200) is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks.

Transportation: White spirit (nefras C4-155/200) is transported in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks.

Storage: Stored in metal containers under conditions in accordance with the storage of flammable substances.


Unfortunately, the manufacturer stopped the production of this type of product!