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Petroleum toluene

Are produced by in the processes of catalytic reforming of gasoline fractions and oil products pyrolysis. Is used as a raw material for organic synthesis, high-octane component of motor fuels or solvent.

Design specification: GOST 14710-78, rev. 1–6

Chemical name: Methylbenzene

Empirical formula: C6H5CH3

High gradeFirst grade
Density at 20 °С, g/cm30.865–0.8670.864–0.867
Toluene mass fraction, %, min99.7599.60
Copper strip corrosion testpass
Impurities, %, max0.250.40
Non-aromatic hydrocarbons, %, max0.100.20
Benzene, %, max0.100.15
Aromatic hydrocarbons C8, %, max0.050.05
Distillation limits 98 % by volume (including pure toluene boiling point - 110,6 °С), °С, max0.700.80
Sulfuric acid colouring, reference scale number, max0.150.20
Aqueous extract reactionneutral
Volatilityno residue after evaporation
Total sulfur mass fraction, %, max0.00015

Supply form: Colorless mobile volatile liquid with a pungent odor.

Packaging: Petroleum toluene is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks.

Transportation: Petroleum toluene is transported by railway tank-cars and tank trucks.

Storage: Stored in metal containers under conditions in accordance with the storage of flammable substances.

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