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Petroleum solution (artificial varnish)

It is a petroleum resin "Sibplast" resulting thermal polymerization fraction C9 120–210 °C pyrolysis products of hydrocarbons at a temperature of 240–250 °C and pressures up to 1.0 MPa, and then dissolved in atmospheric distilled off (solvent thermopolymer). Perhaps preparing a solution using a petroleum as solvent TS-1 (in accordance with GOST 10227-86 rev. 1-3) and mixtures of TS-1 and atmospheric distillation (solvent thermopolymer) in certain ratios. It is used for the manufacture of oil-based paints for interior and exterior use, dilution of color pastes, impregnation of wooden surfaces and plaster, manufacturing of building compositions.

Characteristics of petroleum solution (artificial varnish)

Design specification: TU 2451-03-51513617-2007

Iodine scale color of 50% solution of petroleum, mg J2/100 cm3, max.400
Relative viscosity as per flowmeter B3 or B3-246 with nozzle diameter of 4mm at 20(±2) °С, s, within19–55
Drying time until grade 3, h, max.24
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max.1.0
Non-volatiles, % wt., min.55
Density at 20(±2) °С, g/cm3, within0.930–1.050

Supply form: Fire-risk and explosive liquid.

Packaging: Petroleum solution (artificial varnish) is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks, as well as steel barrels and drums.

Transportation: Petroleum solution (artificial varnish) is shipped in railway tank-cars and tank-trucks. Transportation in open motor vehicles is allowed providing there is atmospheric impact defense.

Storage: Packaged storage in sheltered warehouses at ambient temperature ranging from -40 °C to +40 °C, on special sites away from direct sunrays and atmospheric precipitation, or under shed. Storage in reservoirs is allowed.

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