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Glycols are used as solvents and plasticizers. Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are used in cooling liquids (antifreezes) and hydraulic fluids. Due to the high boiling point (for example, 285 °C in triethylene glycol), glycols are used as a brake fluid. Glycols are used to produce various ethers, polyurethanes.

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Flotoreagents are a substance used for the flotation of ores of non-ferrous metals, coal and other minerals.

Flotoreagents All products

Used for waterflood oil recovery, drilling wells in the textile, pulp and paper industry, wood industry, in the steel industry, raw materials for the synthesis of certain types of textile-auxiliary products, component car shampoo and winter windshield fluid.

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Petrochemicals from Elarum - is stable and timely delivery to export of glycols (MEG, DEG, TEG), plasticizers (T-66, T-92, EDOS), ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA).

Main in the company - a task the most complete and high-quality supply of the enterprises, which are consumers of petrochemical products. The focus of the implementation is on petrochemicals produced by Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Kazanorgsintez. The range of products offered to implement, is constantly updated with new positions.

We are well aware that the foundation of any business is trust. Realizing that trust and rapport never appear instantly, we deliberately set a long-term collaboration, quality and timely fulfillment of its obligations to supply. With many businesses we have close, working relationship. We are always open to new suggestions and would be happy to have you as our business partners.