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Ethylene glycol / monoethylene glycol (MEG)

Is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used for production of synthetic fibers, solvents, antifreezes and hydraulic fluids.

Characteristics of ethylene glycol

Design specification: GOST 19710-2019

Chemical name: Ethanediol-1,2

Empirical formula: С2Н6O2

Ethylene glycol (MEG), % wt., min.99.898.5
Diethylene glycol (DEG), % wt., max.0.051.0
Color, Hazen, max.  
- in normal condition520
- after boiling with hydrochloric acid20
Residue after calcination, % wt., max.0.0010.002
Iron, % wt., max.0.000010.0005
Water, % wt., max.0.10.5
Acids in terms of acetic acid, % wt., max.0.00060.005
Refraction index at 20 °С, within1.431–1.4321.430–1.432
Light transmission ratio, %, min. at wavelengths, nm:  
- 22075
- 27595
- 350100

Supply form: Flammable transparent liquid.

Packaging: Product is shipped in rail-way tank-cars, as well as in aluminum and steel non-galvanized drums.

Transportation:Ethylene glycol (MEG) in drums is transported by all means of covered transport. Product in bulk is transported in rail-way tank-cars of aluminum or non-corrosive steel.

Storage: Ethylene glycol (MEG) stored in sealed containers made of aluminum, non-corrosive or aluminized steel. Product in drums should be stored in sheltered non-heated warehouses. Drums should be stacked vertically maximum three tiers high.


Packing ethylene glycol

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