Neonol AF 9-10. Ethoxylated nonylphenol.

Oxyethylated monoalkyl phenol (neonol AF 9-10) derived from propylene trimers is a high-effective non-ionogenic surfactant. It is used for watering of oil-bearing strata for stimulation of oil production, for well drilling, in textile, pulp and paper, woodworking industries, as a component of lubricating and cooling, hydraulic, and other process fluids, in ferrous metallurgy, as an active base for technical detergents, stock material for synthesis of some active bases for textile and auxiliary products, and in some other branches of industry.


Characteristics of neonol AF 9-10

Design specification: TU 2483-077-05766801-98

Empiric formula: C9H19C6H4O(C2H4O)10H

Platinum Cobalt scale color, Hazen, max.150
Nonionic surfactant water solution cloud point with concentration of 10 g/dm3, °С66±3
Hydrogen ions concentration (pH) of nonionic surfactant water-alcohol emulsion with concentration of 10 g/dm37.0±1.0
Added ethylene oxide mass content, %67.0±1.0
Water mass content, %, max.0.5
Polyethylene glycols mass content, %, max.1.0

Supply form: Transparent oily liquid with color ranging from colorless to yellowish.

Packaging: Neonol AF 9-10 is shipped in railway tank cars with bottom discharge, tank-trucks and steel drums.

Transportation: Neonol AF 9-10 is transported by railway and motor transport.

Storage: Neonol AF 9-10 stored in steel tanks under nitrogen blanket, under conditions excluding ingress of mechanical impurities and moisture.

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