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A class of organic compounds containing per molecule two hydroxyl groups. Have the general formula CnH2n(OH)2.

Glycols have all the properties of alcohols (form alcoholates, esters and ethers).

Glycols are used as solvents and plasticizers. Ethylene glycol (MEG) and propylene glycol are used in cooling liquids (antifreezes) and hydraulic fluids. Due to the high boiling point (for example, 285 °C in triethylene glycol (TEG)), glycols are used as a brake fluid. Glycols are used to produce various ethers, polyurethanes, etc.

Glycols successfully exported our company outside of Russia. Geography of deliveries of glycols is extensive.

Catalog glycols

Ethylene glycol

Is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used for production of synthetic fibers, solvents, antifreezes and hydraulic fluids.

Diethylene glycol

Is a product of ethylene oxide hydration. It is used as an extraction agent for aromatic hydrocarbons, for drying of natural gas and in other industries.

Triethylene glycol

Is a by-product of ethylene glycol (MEG) and diethylene glycol (DEG) production. Grade A is used as feedstock in production of oligoester acrylates, polyesteracrylates, plasticizers and other products of organic synthesis. Grade B is used for…