Ethyl cellosolve (ethylene glycol monoethyl ether)

Is used as a solvent in paints, an additive for jet fuel, a component for leather finishing agents, a separating agent for azeotropic rectification of styrene and hydrocarbons, an intermediate for certain solvents production.


Characteristics of ethyl cellosolve

Technical requirements: GOST 8313-88

Chemical name: 2-ethoxy ethanol

Empirical formula: C2Н5ОСН2СН2ОН

Density at 20 °C, g/cm30.928–0.9300.928–0.933
Platinum cobalt scale color, Hazen, max.820
Water mass content, %, max.0.10.3
Ethyl cellosolve mass content, %, min.99.597.0
Saponification number, mg KOH/1g, max.0.50.5
Acids mass content in terms of acetic acid, %, max.0.0050.006
Refraction index1.407–1.4091.407–1.409
Water miscibilityTest passed

Supply form: Transparent flammable liquid without mechanical impurities.

Packaging: Ethyl cellosolve is shipped in non-galvanized railway tank-cars and tank-trucks and steel non-galvanized drums.

Transportation: Ethyl cellosolve is transported by railway, motor, water and air means of covered transport.

Storage: Ethyl cellosolve storage in tightly sealed steel non-galvanized reservoirs. Drummed ethyl cellosolve is stored in sheltered warehouses suitable for flammables storage.

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