Polyether 4202-2B-30

Is a product sequential addition to ethylene first of propylene oxide and then ethylene oxide in the presence of an alkaline catalyst. It is used for production of reagents-demulsifiers and of polyurethane foams.


Characteristics of polyether 4202-2B-30

Design specification: TU 2226-039-05766801-2000

Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g25.0–33.027.0–35.0
Iodine number, I mg/100 g, max.2.5
Indicator hydrogen ion activity, pH5.5–7.5
Dynamic viscosity at 50 °C, mPa.s210–300
Enlightenment temperature, °C55–70

Supply form: Transparent viscous liquid without mechanical impurities from colorless to yellow color.

Packaging: Polyether 4202-2B-30 is packed according to OST 6-05-460, sections 3,4.

Transportation: Polyether 4202-2B-30 is transported in covered vehicles in accordance with goods transportation rules, operating in this mode of transport.

Storage: Polyether 4202-2B-30 stored in covered warehouses at a temperature not exceeding 50 °C. It is allowed to store polyether 4202-2B-30 under a canopy or on a planned site, protected from atmospheric precipitation. It is recommended to store polyethers in an atmosphere of inert gas in hermetically sealed containers.

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