Polyether PEG-400

Is a product of ethylene oxide polymerization with ethylene glycol (MEG). The product is used to manufacture plasticizers, in chemical, textile, rubber, metal-working industries and others in line with the opinion of the Ministry of Health.


Characteristics of polyether PEG-400

Design specification: TU 2226-061-05766801-2006

Chemical name: Alpha-Hydro-omega-hydroxypoly (oxy-1,2-ethanediyl)

Empirical formula: Н(О-СН2-СН2)n-ОН

рН of 5 % aqueous solution5.0–7.5
Water mass content, % by mass, max0.5
Sulfate ash mass content, % by mass, max0.1
Loss of mass at drying, %, max3.0
Free acetic acid mass content, % by mass, max0.024
Hydroxyl number, mg КОН/g260–290
Mono- and diethylene glycols mass content, % by mass, max0.25
Color of 25 % aqueous solution, Hazen units, max25
Ethylene oxide mass content, % by mass, max0.01
Iron mass content, % by mass, max0.0001

Supply form: Colorless or faintly yellowish, transparent, viscous liquid with weak specific odor.

Packaging: Polyether PEG-400 is shipped in aluminum, steel or polymer drums, steel dedicated containers, as well as into rail tank cars, equipped with the bottom discharge and heating.

Transportation: Polyether PEG-400 is transported by all types of transportation means.

Storage: Polyether PEG-400 stored in leak- and moisture-proof containers or vessels.

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