Neonol AF 9-8. Ethoxylated Nonylphenol.

Oxyethylated monoalkyl phenol (neonol AF 9-8) derived from propylene trimers is a highly effective nonionic surfactant. It is used for waterflooding of oil fields for augmentation of oil production, for drilling of wells, in textile, pulp and paper, woodworking industries, as a component in lubricating cooling, hydraulic and other process liquids, in ferrous metallurgy, as an active base for technical detergents, feedstock for synthesis of some types of active bases for textile- auxiliary products, and in some other branches of industry.


Characteristics of neonol AF 9-8

Design specification: TU 2483-077-05766801-98

Empirical formula: С9H19C6H4O(С2H4O)8H

Platinum Cobalt scale color, Hazen, max.150
Nonionic surfactant water solution cloud point with concentration of 10 g/dm3, °С32±3
Hydrogen ions concentration (pH) of nonionic surfactant water-alcohol emulsion with concentration of 10 g/dm37.0±1.0
Added ethylene oxide mass content, %61.5±1.5
Water mass content, %, max.0.5
Polyethylene glycols mass content, %, max.1.0

Supply form: Transparent oily liquid with color ranging from colorless to yellowish.

Packaging: Neonol AF 9-8 is shipped in railway tank cars with bottom discharge, tank-trucks and steel drums.

Transportation: Neonol AF 9-8 is transported by railway and motor transport.

Storage: Neonol AF 9-8 stored in steel tanks under nitrogen blanket, under conditions excluding ingress of mechanical impurities and moisture.

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