Polyether PP-5503-2-16

Is a product of alcoholate copolymerization of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide on glycerin base. Is intended for production of polyurethane materials.


Characteristics of polyether PP-5503-2-16

Design specification: TU 2226-048-05766801-2006

Hydroxyl number, mg KOH/g, within29.0–33.0
Dynamic viscosity at 25 °C, mPa.s, within800–1100
Water mass content, %, max.0.10
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max.0.10
pH value, within5.5–7.5
Iodine number, mg iodine/100 g, max2.2

Supply form: Transparent viscous liquid from colorless to yellow color.

Packaging: Polyether PP-5503-2-16 is packed tank wagons or drums.

Transportation: Polyether PP-5503-2-16 is transported in by railway and automotive transport means.

Storage: Polyether PP-5503-2-16 stored in sealed containers of the supplier or in consumer containers at temperatures not exceeding 40 °C, prevent from ingress of moisture.