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Metal barrel 216.5 liters

Used to transport liquid products and substances that are not actively working on the steel. To prevent the active interaction of matter with the material barrel, a system of internal coatings (based paints) to guarantee the permanence characteristics of packaged foods.

Characteristics of metal barrel 216.5 liters

Design specification: GOST 13950-91

Parameter Value
Capacity, l 216.5
Outside diameter, mm 585±3
Height, mm 882±3
Thickness of metal (bottom, body, lid), mm 1.0 × 1.0 × 1.0
Weight, kg 17.6

The main applications of metal barrels 216.5 liters - a chemical, petrochemical, paint and food industries. The quality and technical characteristics of 216.5 liters metal barrels meet the requirements of Russian GOST standards and recommendations of the UN for transport and storage of dangerous goods categories I, II and III. Stringent quality requirements for manufactured products not only provide Retain packaged product, but also guarantee the safety of human health and the environment.

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