Flotoreagent oxal T-92

Is a product of high-boiling dimethyldioxane production by-products treatment. It is used for production of plasticizers utilized in rubber and film articles.


Characteristics of flotoreagent oxal T-92

Design specification: TU 20.14.60-029-05766801-2016 (instead TU 2452-029-05766801-94)

Dimethyldioxane mass content, %, max.0.2
Ester number, KOH mg/1g0.5–4.0
Hydroxyl groups mass content, %1.0–4.0
Flash point in open crucible, °C, min.130
Congelation point, °C, max.minus 30
Density at 20 °С, g/cm31.00–1.12

Supply form: Transparent, non-exfoliated liquid with color ranging from yellow to brown.

Packaging: Flotoreagent oxal T-92 is shipped in drums and tank-trucks.

Transportation: Flotoreagent oxal T-92 is transported by railway and motor transport. Drummed flotoreagent oxal T-92 is transported in covered railway and motor transport.

Storage: Flotoreagent oxal T-92 is stored in accordance with GOST 1510.

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